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Question of the Week: “UFOs—aka Unidentified Aerial Phenomena—are in the news. We have to ask, what’s up with the UAPs? Should we be worried? If you’ve seen one, do tell!”

Lindsy Valdez, 38, Manager at Hapa’s Brewery, Los Gatos

“Have I seen a UFO? Yes! I was with friends around a bonfire, and it was this pretty large light in the sky that just appeared, not blinking, not moving, just hovering there, not making any sound. It lingered for maybe ten minutes, and then disappeared. But I’m not scared of aliens—they just seem like people.”

Kamran Aghevli, 11, Student

“I think the aliens are a life force, not like with three eyes or whatever. They’re probably thinking of a chance to strike soon, waiting for when we’re vulnerable.”

Jeannie Liu, 36, Physical Therapist

“There might be endless numbers of parallel universes that technology hasn’t detected, so anything is possible. The Air Force pilots have seen things, but our perceptions will change under stressful situations. Also, illusions happen, like how a camera exposure can make it look like there’s a ghost behind someone. So, it’s hard to say if they saw a UFO—but I’m open to the possibility.”

Evan Bacon, 18, Barista / Student of Economics at UCSC

“There’s too much talk about UFOs at this moment for it to be real. It’s a distraction from what’s really going on. It’s unrealistic to think we’re the only beings to figure out space travel, but little gray men are a bit far-fetched. If aliens were real, why would they look like they do in movies? I think there’s some truth in what the Air Force pilots saw, but they could be mistaken in what they are seeing.”

Susan Trinity, 60, Self Employed

“I haven’t seen one, but I know someone that has. He was in the Army—he dealt with it, and he said it really messed him up. I do know they are out there, and I consider that we came from UFOs, we are descended from aliens, we came here. There we go!”

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Jeff Fitzgerald, 35, IT Consultant

“I’ve seen the videos and the guy who testified in Congress. It’s pretty exciting that they’ve acknowledged it publicly. It’s intriguing, but there’s so many things that it could be. If there is an alien species capable of faster than light travel, if they wanted to do something terrible to us, they probably would already have done it. And what could we really do about it?”


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