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What is something that you love—that your friends just can’t understand?


Metal Music. I’m always going to concerts and it’s hard to get my friends to come along.

Nick Heath, 26, Loan Officer at Santa Cruz County Bank


Sourdough bread. Everyone loves it, but they don’t understand what goes into the outcome of the deliciousness. Like behind the scene. They think it’s very, very simple—or maybe not, maybe the opposite.

Aisha Samon, 32, Trader Joe’s Downtown

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Doom metal is my thing, it’s like metal but it’s even more miserable. It’s long and slower, it just doesn’t end, it goes on for even longer like kind of a drone thing. There’s lots of screaming too, yeah. A lot of people hate that.

Ezra Bettencourt, 37, Musician / Tile guy


The Panic In Needle Park, an old art film with Al Pacino. Friends think I’m strange because it’s a downer about drug addiction, but it’s actually a comparison with love. I used to watch it on Valentine’s Day when I was single.

Avery Johnson, 30, Photographer


A film called Hi, Mom, directed by Brian DePalma. It’s DeNiro’s defining movie before Taxi Driver. It’s dark and disturbing and it freaks people out. I’ve watched it multiple times.

Reggie Williams, 49, Philosophy Professor


People don’t get how much I love Star Wars—I have a Star Wars tattoo. And poetry and English literature, like JaneEyre, and Jane Austen’s novels.

Tiffany Dauner, 40, English Teacher


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