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Question of the Week

Where do you find your peace?

Beverly “Rev Bev” Brook

I find peace swimming at the Simpkins Swim Center. Also in solitude—hiking the Fall Creek trail, near Felton. It’s a magical place, a gift—there’s redwoods and there’s always water flowing.
—Beverly “Rev Bev” Brook, Chaplain at Santa Cruz Juvenile Hall

Rex Solway

Tokyo has been an escape for me—5 times now. It’s comforting being in this exotic, huge city, lost in a different culture. My serene place in Japan is the hot springs in Snow Monkey Park. Snow monkeys up in the forest enjoy their own hot springs too.
—Rex Solway, 32, Traveller

Leila Hakimi

I wrestle, and I find comfort in it. It’s all autopilot, and I forget everything else. The act of it just washes over you. It’s about finding something you love—whether it’s sports, or painting, drawing, or singing.
—Leila Hakimi, 18, Student

Kai Ford

In the shower, cleaning all the worries away and listening to music.
—Kai Ford, 21, Student

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Judith Barath-Black

I meditate at home, morning and evening—transcendental meditation.  I’ve done it in laundromats, libraries—trains, airplanes. Not only do I hope it changes me, which it does, but also the effect on the rest of the world.
—Judith Barath-Black, 78, Retired (“but busier than ever”)

Van Swanson

It would be sword fighting. I do circle-fencing. The physical action and focus that makes me forget everything else around me is just what I need. It’s meditation really.
—Van Swanson, 25, Teacher


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