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Should Joe Biden run for a second term as president?


Neither Biden or Trump should be running again. We’re repeating 2020 and we need someone younger, in touch with both generations, like a 50-year-old instead of someone over 70.

—Alex Blake, 20, Student, San Francisco State University


No, because young people feel left out. They talk about things they connect with, everyday life, and their voice doesn’t feel appreciated. Watching the debate as a young person, I don’t connect.

—Angel Morales, 22, Student, Arizona State University


Biden and Trump are not a good option politically. They use the age issue as an excuse for not looking at their political stances. We had both as president and nothing progressed the way it should.

—Sharanya Munro, 19, Student, University of Oregon


For me? He’s aged out, too old. I’m 60 and I have trouble connecting with 22-year-olds—they’re going through a whole other life. You gotta have some young leadership out there.

—Jerry Morales, 60, Pastor, Convergence Church, Capitola


He needs to drop out. I think he’s been a good president, but he’s too old. He’s shown us on TV, in the debate, that he’s not thinking clearly all the time. Who should replace him? I’m not sure about that yet—that’s a big question.

—Tina Clark, 70, Retired Nurse


Hell yes! He’s too old, but he’s the lesser of two evils. It’s OK if he dies in office because his vice president would be capable. FDR was kinda out of it and his wife and his advisors kinda ran things.

—Mark Roberts, 60, “The Pacific Avenue Vinyl Record Guy”

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