.Street Talk

Where do kids have fun in Santa Cruz?

Clockwise from left: Kristine, Donovan, Brody, Crue, and Sailor

Donovan enjoys punk bands at live concert venues—the latest, Drain at the Civic Auditorium. Crue loves getting poke bowls Downtown. Sailor likes playing at the beach

Donovan, 18 (left), Crue 15, and Sailor, 3, with parents Kristine and Brody.

Clockwise from top Alli, Wes, and Cici

Wes had fun at The Boardwalk. Cici liked playing at Natural Bridges. Both loved getting ice cream at Penny Ice Creamery.

Wes, 7, and Cici, 5, with mom Alli.

Left to Right, Rumi and Candace

Rumi had a great time playing in the park with his cousins.

Rumi, 8, with mom Candace.

From left, Novina, Pancho, Bazinga

“The Barnyard” says: “We dress up all the time, we just go out in our own style. We’ll just talk to people going in and out of the theater, or a restaurant, and see what kind of interesting perspectives we discover. We believe you can be a kid at any age!”

“The Barnyard,” Novina, Pancho, and Bazinga


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