I care deeply about our environment and am proud of California’s efforts to develop a cleaner and more affordable energy grid. That is why I am so troubled that the legislature gave the green light to California’s Monopoly Utilities and are letting them impose a utility tax on all of us. It will make climate change worse! I am so disappointed in Gavin Newson and his policies to basically make all his constituents who bought solar are now having to pay PGE a yearly tax of 1600. 00 which some say they didn’t even pay that when they were on the grid! These people are being penalized for being efficient and making an investment in our children’s future. I have to ask Gavin, are you getting funding for re-election from PGE because you seem to be bending over to keep all the money in their pockets instead of ours. Solar is no longer advantageous for a low middle class homeowner.

Energy conservation is a cornerstone of tackling climate change. Not only does a fixed rate utility tax increase bills for millions of Californians, it also rewards energy hogs and hurts those of us dedicated to energy conservation.

2023 will be the hottest year ever recorded in human history. We have run out of time. The continued use of fossils to power our grid is no longer sustainable. Neither are policies, like a fixed-rate Utility Tax, that rewards energy hogs at the expense of everyone else.

We don’t have a lot of time but we can still turn this around. I am writing to you today to urge you to please shine a light on this issue to help educate the public and potentially save folks thousands of dollars in utility bills.

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Patricia Burgdorf


How about a story on the food truck “scene”?  It seems very limited to me.  Not much variety.  Why?  Ask some food truck owners if they think local regulations make it difficult to operate.  What could be done to have a more “robust” food truck scene, and attract maybe some from over the hill, where there is a wider range of “ethnic” cuisine (Korean, Burmese, Oaxacan, Vietnamese, etc.)

What I’ve been wanting for years is for the Good Times to not just publicize local concerts at local venues ahead of time, but to publish REVIEWS of the shows. 

It would be great if the review was honest.  If the show was disappointing, say so!  If it was great, people may be more likely to buy a ticket next time the act comes around. 

How about a “post-Covid downtown” issue, with updates on whether the Nickelodeon is ever going to reopen.  Why the city still thinks it needs a new garage when there are hundreds of available parking spaces in the existing garages.


Judi Grunstra


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