.Nuz: The Only Logical Conclusion About Santa Cruz’s Recall

Finally, it’s the news that everyone’s been waiting for: We learned this month that the recall is officially on.

That’s right. New Leaf Community Markets recalled in-house ground beef with “packed on” dates between Oct. 19 and Oct. 23 and “sell by” dates between Oct. 23 and Oct. 26, due to possible E. coli contamination.

So what are we to make of this? Well, it frankly takes a lot of guts for someone like Nuz to weigh in and stick one’s neck out, offering a belated but important take on something everyone’s already tired of fighting over.

And what one, singular takeaway—at this point—could we possibly contribute amidst all the noise? Well (clears throat), studies show that contaminated foods can cause digestive problems, as well as a form of kidney failure! So there you have it, folks.

Wait, sorry. You’re thinking about another recall? Oh, that’s right, how silly of us. There was, in fact, a more recent local recall, due to E. coli in romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, so yeah, be careful.

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Well, we’ve reached our word count on recalls for this week. If we hear about any other recalls, we’ll let you know!


With mayhem in Santa Cruz County feeling like it’s spinning out of control and social tensions nearing a possible all-time high, let us turn now to perhaps the most laid-back human in the area.

Earlier this month, Justin Furlone was surprisingly calm after watching a woman drive into his Watsonville shop, the Wishbone Pet Company. On Wednesday, Nov. 13, the car’s hood penetrated the front window of the local pet shop, wrecking their Christmas display and critically injuring several stuffed animals.

Decorations aside, no one was hurt. The pet store did suffer damage to its windows, entrance and some dog crates. The store stayed open while the accident was cleaned up. Police and fire officials who responded to the scene were gentle in handling the situation and attending to the driver, who was in her nineties, Furlone says. “We feel so bad, we do!” he told Nuz in the immediate aftermath. “She was shaken up!”


  1. What are you smoking? Santa Cruz just wants members of the council to not vote or push laws into effect that the majority voted against. If we say no to something then it’s no. No means no not; no means forget the voters and do it anyway. Glover, Krohn and Meyers to a lesser extent seem to think they are above the will of the people and not subject to our perusal and jurisdiction. But we ultimately have the final say. After all this is a democracy.


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